The Top UK Business Directories – Grab Your Free Listings!

The Top UK Business Directories – Grab Your Free Listings!

Are free UK business directories still needed in 2021?!
It’s 2022 and the world population has just surpassed 6 billion, the millennium dome has just opened and the new issue of the Yellow Pages has just been dumped on your doorstep. It’s amazing to see the change in the UK’s consumer habits 20 years on and how local business directories are now almost solely online. While local directories don’t live next to your telephone and are no longer used by short guys to kiss taller girls (Yellow Pages advert); they are vital to your local search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign in 2021. We’ve put together background information, a citation planner to download and an overview of free UK business directory listings for you.

Do people still use free UK business directories to Search?
Yes, but they are a minority as most people use search engines like Google to find what they’re looking for. The reason we advise a wide and accurate local citation portfolio is not because of the searches within those directories. We would advise you to have as many citations in free UK business directories as possible to improve your local SEO.

What Is Local SEO? And, Why Is It Important?
Local SEO is the practice of optimising your website and online presence to be found through search engines by potential clients searing in your area. This differs from search engine optimisation (which does also have a positive impact on local SEO) which can attract clients outside your business’ reach. Local SEO improves your ranking in local search results and with 46% of searches on Google’s being local; local SEO has never been more important.

How do Local Directory Listings Improve Your Rankings In Local Search Results?
To understand how the UK’s local business directory listings improve your local SEO, you first have to understand the Local Search Ecosystem. The ecosystem is made up of 4 types;


Apple Maps 100 This app is now the default map application on all Apple devices so it’s super important to get your business listed on it. Visit to sign in and add your business as a place.
LinkedIn 98 You’ll first need to have a personal account on linkedin. So sign up, then follow the instructions here to add your business page.
Facebook 96 The social media giant has made it really easy to create a page for your business. You’ll need a Facebook account and follow these instructions.
Google 94 This one needs no introduction. When you search in Google for a local business you will most likely see their my business link with a map and more detailed info about them. To add your business go to Google My Business to sign in and claim your listing. Google may want to verify your details by phone or sending you a postcard with a verification code.
Bing 94 You can easily list your business at Bing Places Similarly to Google, they will mail you a verification postcard. However, if you’re a little more patient and verify with Google first, you can simply import your listing from Google 😀
The Independent Business Directory 94 This listing is managed by a company called Scoot. Go to Scoot’s add listing page and you will be listed in this directory automatically if eligible.
The Mirror Business Directory 94 This is another Scoot directory so got Scoot’s add listing page to get listed if eligible. You only need to do this once for all of Scoot’s directories.
The Mirror Business Directory 92 Login (you can login with a Facebook account) here to add your business listing.
Wales’ Business Directory 89 Managed by Central Index, go to Dentral Index to be automatically listed in this directory if eligible.
The Evening Standard Business Directory 92 Another one managed by Scoot. If you haven’t already, head over toScoot to claim your listing and you will be listed in this directory automatically if eligible.
The Daily Record Directory 84 Another high authority domain managed by Scoot. Go here to be automatically listed in this directory if eligible. 84 is used by loads of vehicle sat nav systems. To add your business you’ll need to sign up for an account and login to their Map Creator. Zoom in on the map and add your location, there’s a super useful how-to video on YouTube
TomTom 80 Visit TomTom mapshare tools, create an account and add your business as a place of interest by clicking on its position on the map. TomTom will then validate the request and include it in it’s next update.
Biz Community 76 This one is super easy,sign up and add your listing.
Just Landed 75 A website designed for ex-pats, simply go here and list your business. 74 Once the business directories, Yell is still a big player click here to claim or add a listing
Yelp 74 Visit this page and click the big red button to claim your business.
Relevance 72 Pretty straight forward, go here and click “add listing”. 66 Simply go here to search for your business by post code and either claim or add your listing.
Kompass 66 Register your company and add at least one product/service.
Cylex Business Directory UK 55 Click here to find the registration page and fill in your info.
Bark 59 This is a lead generation site but has a profile for all their registered professionals.Visit the sitee and click “Join as a Professional” and add your details.
Global Brownbook 59 Head straight here and add your business.
Central Index 56 Visit here, register and add your business.
Community Walk 58 Go to their sign up page and once registered add a map and then add your location – we found adding our location was easiest to do by entering the longditude/lattitude (you can find this by searching Google Maps for your business and right clicking.
Infobel 58 Visit their pricing page and click on the “try” button for the free listing, you don’t have to give any credit card details etc. so don’t worry about being charged in future.
Spoke 58 Click “register” in the top right of the homepage and then click here to list your business.
The Best Of UK 57 Got to their homepage and click “ARE YOU A BUSINESS?”, you’ll then be presented with a form to complete.
FreeIndex 56 Go to their sign up page and register to advertise.
Storeboard 55 All you need to do is sign up on the homepage and you’ll be directed as to the type of profile you wish to create. Hit business and enter you info.
Scoot 55 Although the domain authority isn’t the best, Scoot manages and disitributes the info you provide to other much more powerful directories so it’s well worth going here to add your listing.
Cybo 54 Head over here to list your business.
Lacartes 52 Sign upe and add a business page.
iBegin 50 iBegan (see what I did there?!) with going entered the details, easy!
Thomson Local 50 Go here and fill in your details. Don’t worry too much if you don’t get a notification or response, we didn’t! After emailing their support they told us it takes up to 14 days. 49 Follow this link and set up your citation.
Europages 49 Go here to sign up
Hotfrog 47 It’s really easy to create your profile by visiting this page.
N29 47 Get started by adding your business and contact info.
Touch Local 47 Another Scoot-managed directory. Go to Scoot to be automatically listed in this directory if eligible.
Express Business Directory 45 I expected this to be a newspaper’s directory powered by Scoot, but it’s not!Add your business and follow the prompts. Don’t forget to verify with the email you’ll receive at the end!
iGlobal 45 Go to their add business oage and fill in your details.
2FindLocal 44 Visit this page and search for your business’ telephone number. From there, follow the prompts.
Find The Needle 43 A UK business to business portal, list your business here.
MisterWhat 42 Go to the homepage and click “sign up” in the top right. You will then be able to login and go to “my profile”. You will then be able to click “add company”.
City Visitor 39 Go here and enter your postcode and hit “search” then claim or enter your business details into the form. 38 Head here and enter your business email address then follow the prompts including your opening times, obviously…
Tupalo 38 Pop here to add your free listing.
My Local Services 37 Go here to list your business.
UK Small Business Directory 37 You need to submit a request to TJ! Visit this page and complete the form. 71 Check if your business is already listed here and amend or add your listing. It does take 3 months for them to approve it if you want a free listing!!
Fyple 35 Register for an account then verify your listing and login to add a business.
Where 2 Go 35 “Go 2” here and follow the steps. 76 Check if your business is already listed here and amend or add your listing. It does take 3 months for them to approve it if you want a free listing!!
Dentons 33 It’s easy, just go here and click “create basic listing”. N.B. for this listing you will need to have a seperate personal email for registration to the one your are using for the public profile.
WAND 33 Visit the homepage and there are two buttons in the middle where you can either “register now” or “update listing”.
Searchme4 27 All you need to do is visit here and register your business
InUKLocal 25 This one is a bit of a chew… visit this page and use the “local sites finder” at the bottom right to drill down from region, area to the town you wish to advertise in. Go to your town’s page and scroll down and click “Advertise your business (FREE)”. On the next page click “create an account” and away you go.
Opendi 24 Visit their listing page and submit your listing. 78 Set up your free listing here.